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Audiobook Studio
Summary: This article shows the simple studio setup I use to record and produce audiobooks.

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When an author reads their own audiobook, the story comes off with more power. This article shows the low-cost studio I use for record audiobooks.

If you want to record your own audiobook, first, you need to have the voice required for the task. No one likes their own voice, so don't use your own judgement as a final decision. Record a few tracks and play them back for people who will be honest and provide some constructive criticism. If you decide you want to produce your own audiobooks with Audacity, than you will need some equipment. This article will give you a bit of insight into the tools needed to produce an audiobook, but we will save the how-to for another time.

The Environment

Can you imagine being deep into a narration when a ranger is sword fighting an orc only to hear a car drive by? That would be rather distracting! Such noises do not belong on an audiobook. So when you are setting up your studio, make sure that no cars or other environmental noises will be heard on the recording. Your choice or microphone will certainly be a factor in picking up background noises. I use a Dynamic Mic because it picks up less of the environment, but I also take some steps in my office before recording. Here is my checklist:

  • Turn off the sound on all devices: computers, phones, watches, anything else that might beep and blip
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Be sure no one will disturb you while recording
  • Record at a time with lower traffic (if you do not have a sound-proof location

As for the setup of the studio, consider these factors:

  • Be sure to have sound panels to absorb echoing noises
  • Have a chair that does not make noise
  • Be careful not to hit  a desk with your microphone stand

The Equipment

An audiobook setup can be relatively cheap or very expensive. If you will be recording a lot of audiobooks or other sound tracks, the extra cost for better equipment is worth the price. If you are getting started or money is tight, I have a list of budget equipment that does a good job. Here is my list:

Here is the result of my book, Synaptergy, which is due to be released May 12, 2020: