Understanding phpList Statistics
Summary: Learn about the statistics PhpList keeps about the newsletter campaigns.

Today, we return to phpList to talk about the statistics available once you send your campaign. We will look at the features and options and how to use this data to help you analyze what is working in your newsletter.

Barcode Best Practices
Summary: Where do you put your barcode and what info should be around it?

Today we will talk briefly about where to put the barcode and how it should look to give your reader the most information about your book easily.

Types of Publishing Companies
Summary: This article defines the types of publishing companies and gives some pros and cons

If you have ever jumped on a search engine to see how to get your book published, you may have encountered a variety of different publishing companies. What do they all mean? This article will briefly define each type of publishing and give a brief list of pros and cons.

Intro to WordPress
Summary: WordPress can be a great tool to create your website. Here are some tips.

WordPress is the most popular website design software because it is easy to use and well documented. This article will teach you the basics that you need to get started with a WordPress website.

Five Book Cover Tips
Summary: This article looks at my tips for creating a book cover.

Whether your book is a printed edition or an eBook, you will need a good cover. This article gives you five tips to consider when creating your covers.

Online Store Solutions
Summary: This article looks at four solutions to sell your books from your website.

If you need to sell your books on your website, have a look at these four solutions with their pros and cons.

KDP Select
Summary: KDP Select can be a good offer for authors, but it has some catches, too. Learn if KDP Select is for you.

KDP Select is a program through Amazon that offers a series of perks for authors. This article will look at the pros and cons to help you decide if KDP Select is a good program for you.

Book Copyright
Summary: Do you need to register a copyright? Find out here.

Many authors get the end of their manuscript and ask themselves if they have to copyright their work. This will help answer those questions.

Newsletter Services
Summary: This article gives you a few things to think about when looking to choose a newsletter list service.

Every author needs an email list. If you do not have a service to manage your emails, you need to get one. These points will help you chose one.

Audiobook Studio
Summary: This article shows the simple studio setup I use to record and produce audiobooks.

When an author reads their own audiobook, the story comes off with more power. This article shows the low-cost studio I use for record audiobooks.