Summary: Synaptergy is my new science fiction novel exploring Technology, Society, and Ethics

My new Science Fiction Novel, Synaptergy, is a novel exploring Technology, Society, and Ethics.

Summary: This is my history as an author and why I created the WritingDoneRight platform.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

That question is often asked of kids, and as a kid, I thought being an author would be cool. It was an odd choice, I never read a real book until I was grounded from other forms of stimulation as a 12-year-old kid. But after reading Misery, I liked the idea of being on a book!

About WritingDoneRight
Summary: WritingDoneRight exists to teach you how to produce your book and get it ready for distribution.

Congratulations on writing your book! Now you need to learn how to publish it and get all those royalties coming in. WritingDoneRight exists to help you learn the steps you need to do in order to turn your manuscript into a print book, an eBook, or an audiobook. We will teach you about software, tips for design, and where to send your book to get it in front of your readers.