Writing Done Right
Summary: This is my history as an author and why I created the WritingDoneRight platform.

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"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

That question is often asked of kids, and as a kid, I thought being an author would be cool. It was an odd choice, I never read a real book until I was grounded from other forms of stimulation as a 12-year-old kid. But after reading Misery, I liked the idea of being on a book!

I had enough enthusiasm to hand make a few books...and yep; they were BAD! But my mom was very interested in encouraging any spark of interest, so I was given a typewriter to peck away on and I wrote a lot of little stories and eventually, an anthology of poetry. I eventually lost my way from wanting to write until I finished school and had my first 'real' job. It was during my off time of work that I rekindled my desire for authoring. I had a few false starts like many authors, but I eventually released my first book, Testing and Temptations in 2014, but sadly, it was released through a vanity publisher. I later released it under my own publishing company and subsequently wrote five other books in the few years since that it’s release.

Learning to Write

All new authors have a lot to learn. I want to encourage you to not worry about how much you have to learn, just get writing. For me, I take on projects to learn new writing styles, but I also love to learn how to do things on my own. After my first book was released, I learned how to do all the production for bookmaking myself, and I have opted to use free, open source software for all my production, nothing against paid software, which can be very good, but I wanted to know it was possible to make everything work without expensive services. This, for me, this is like learning basic arithmetic before relying on a calculator, but once I found out how easy the FOSS software was to use, it became second nature to keep doing my own book production.


This resource is a combination of my desire to write and produce my books, my love for teaching and helping people, and my interest in FOSS software, which I talk about a lot more on my other YouTube channel. I invite you to come on in and learn about the mechanics of writing as it will give you some great ideas, and maybe the ability to get your book into print without costing you your life savings! Also, if you like my work that you see but do not want to take the time to produce your own books, you can reach out to me for help and we will work out some rates.