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Introduction to Kid3
Summary: Kid3 is an audio tagger that will help manage MP3 metadata.

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The Kid3 Audio Tagger is a great cross-platform audio tagger application to manage the metadata that is attached to MP3 files. Here we look at the basic usage and hotkey configuration.

Kid3 is simple to use. The default panel gives you a folder and file view, and the tags:

The program is very intuitive. You can add tags and delete non-required tags as well. Using the From Tag button, you can copy all the data from another tag to the current one.

You can highlight all the files to edit common tags at once to be sure your Artist, Album, and other common tags are exact among the files.

In the Configure Keyboard Shortcuts, you can setup your application space to be exactly what you want them to be. You can also manage the toolbars and other options inside the application.