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LaTeX Markup

LaTeX (pronounced La-Tek) is not a word processor, but a Markup language similar to HTML.

This markup language is used to do simple code changes and output a full book formatted perfectly. While it sounds like an amazing piece of software, the high learning curve prevents it from being used for most book formatting, but we will often see it used to format academic texts and the target market is publishing researchers because the markup is adjusted for the specific publication in the file's header rather than throughout the document body.

While we have experimented with LaTeX, we find formatting in LibreOffice to be easier because it is more of a WYSIWYG editor allowing you to make edits on the fly. Non-fiction writing lends each book to being formatted differently. That being said, if your primary interest is to release fiction, which rarely changes formatting from book to book, taking the time to learn LaTeX will probably help you distribute books faster after the initial time investment for template creation.