Writing Done Right
eBooks are the top selling products in the publishing industry.
Average Cost: From $100
FOSS Software Options: Sigil, Calibre

If you are an author, you want to release an eBook version of your book. While audiobooks are the fastest moving sector of the publishing industry, eBooks are still the best sellers because of the lower cost, easy distribution, and ready availability of eReaders from phones to tablets to dedicated devices.

eBook production could be as easy as using several free tools online to convert your document to the required ebook format, which will probably be a .epub format. While these tools can produce your digital files, a professional will pay special attention to detail to provide you with a lower file size (better for your audience), better formatting, and quality control. eBook design is one of the easiest parts of the book production process, so with some free software like Sigil and an afternoon, you may produce your eBooks straight away.