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Drop Caps in LibreWriter
Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to create paragraph drop caps in LibreOffice.

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Drop Caps in LibreWriter.

Sections Used in LibreOffice

Know where to find the Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. You can pull out the side menu on the right to find the Styles menu and select the Paragraph and Character from the top of that window. Alternatively, you can find the the Styles menu in the top down menus under Style --> Manage Styles.

Create a New Style

First, you will want to create a new style. It is best if you document is set to have all the paragraphs of the text use the Text Body style, or something similar to better control your paragraph styles. Then you will create the new style by Right Clicking on the paragraph style, in this case, Text Body, and select New from the menu. Name the new style, "Drop Caps" in the Organizer section of the box. Also on that tab, you might want to change the Next Style to the parent Text Body so that the next paragraph will become normal text.

To apply the drop caps, head to the Drop Caps tab in the properties box. Select the box to Drop Caps and make the other changes you want to apply. Under Contents --> Character Style, select Drop Caps there as well. This will allow you to control the font options in the Character Styles edit box.

Click on OK to save your changes.

Style the Drop Caps

Head to the Character Styles section and find the Drop Caps.

Right click on Drop Caps and select Edit.

The size will not have any impact on the letter size, but you can select a custom font, bold, italics, or other options. Save your edits.

Apply the Drop Cap

In order to apply the drop caps, head back to the Paragraph Styles box.

Click your mouse into the paragraph you want to apply the drop caps to and then double click the newly created Drop Caps paragraph style.

You can add this style to any paragraph.

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