Free Barcode
Summary: This article shows you how to get a free ISBN and Pricing barcode for your book cover

You need a barcode for your book cover; do not rely on the free one that will be affixed to your uploaded cover. This article will give you a few resources to get a free barcode.

Author Website Platforms
Summary: This article will break down the types of platforms and author can use to create a website.

Every author needs a website, but the question is where do you run your website? This article will talk about some options and the pros and cons.

Preparing for Printing
Summary: This article will look at the output settings needed to produce a book for print.

This article and accompanying video will look at some considerations for getting your manuscript ready to go to the printer.

Free ISBNs
Summary: This article talks about the pros and cons of using a free ISBN, where to get one, and where you can use that number.

It is possible to get a free ISBN for your book. Should you do it or not? Here we weigh the pros and cons.

Vanity Press and Self Publishing
Summary: There is some confusion between Vanity Press and Self Publishing. This article will clear up the differences.

There is some confusion between Vanity Press and Self Publishing. This article will clear up the differences.

Summary: This article we will look at the reasons you will need or not need an ISBN

Today we will look at the various reasons you will or will not need an ISBN for your Print or eBook.

KDP Overview
Summary: There are advantages and disadvantages for using the KDP platform, but you can get around the downsides, making KDP a must for authors and publishers.

KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing, is an easy-to-use platform free to use for authors and publishers that will get your Print and eBooks onto Amazon.

Pricing a Book
Summary: This presentation presents ideas to determine the pricing of your book.

Pricing your books does not need to be complicated. These tips will help you narrow in on the best price for your print book, eBook, or Audiobook.

Distribution Strategy
Summary: These four companies can globally list your books nearly everywhere online.

This article explains how I use four companies to list Print, eBooks, and Audiobooks on retailers around the world with the highest royalties I have found.