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Style Templates
Summary: This article shows you how to save your character, page, and other styles from one document and apply them to another so you can create beautiful interior styles in LibreOffice.

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Learning how to save and apply template styles can save you a lot of time producing books for print.

In this article, we will look at how to save the styles that you created in our last LibreOffice Tutorial in order to apply them to your next book. Working with templates is easy, and once you are done with the hardest part of the interior design: page and margin layouts, you can apply those to your next project so you can jump into the unique parts!

Template Paths

It is important to know where files are being stored on your computer so you can them later. In LibreOffice, Head on over to the Tools menu and find Options. Under the LibreOffice section, find Paths and Templates. That is where the templates you create will be stored. You can have a look at the rest of the paths as well.

Saving Templates

Once your styles are set for export, go to the File menu and Templates. Click on the Save As Template button.

In the box, select the category. The logical choices are My Templates or Styles. The category does not matter as much as being able to find it later.

Save the template with your given name.

You can manage templates in File → Templates → Manage Templates where you can open, delete, or move the template.

Applying Templates

To apply a template to your document, load up the target document and go to Styles ⇾ Load Styles.

Find your style template in the list and select all the check boxes. Make sure you select the Overwrite option or else your main default styles will not update to the new copies.

Push OK and everything should automatically update. You will just need to look through the document to make sure all the paragraphs, headers, and text are using the correct styles.

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