Writing Done Right
Motivation to Write
Summary: This article looks at motivation and organization to get your writing done.

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Today we will look at two tips I use for motivation to get books out faster.

My record time in writing a book is two weeks. The longest record is about 3-4 years (I lost count). Today I want to share the tips I use to get the writing done and stay motivated doing it. It first starts with having a plan and keeping things organized enough so that when you have time scheduled in to write, you will be able to get right to it and not waste any time.

Obviously, first you need to know what you are going to write about. We will not cover the topic of finding topics because we already have a separate article about that.


Being neat and organized was not just the thing your fifth grade teacher told you to do for fun! Really, when you have a clean desk, free of distractions, you are better able to focus on writing. This step requires both elements. If your desk is messy, you will find distractions and every distraction can reduce your efficiency to write. I keep my desk clean, and I know it is time to clean the desk when I sit down to work and find sticky notes, papers, or other objects in my writing zone. For me, if the desk is messy, I am allowed to use my writing time to clean it up.

The second part of organization is to have a writing plan. Even if your story is being written by the seat of your pants as motivation strikes you, the story needs to be consistent, so make you know and catalog the fine details. For example, if your main character declares Watermelon to be their favorite fruit in chapter three, don't change that to pineapple in chapter ten. Have these storyline points nailed down so you don't introduce errors into the manuscript.

When I have a clean desk and a master plan (or storyboard notes), I am ready for the next step.

Schedule Your Time

The most important part in getting motivated is scheduling in time. I find that writing works best by habit, so I try to schedule in my time to write at the same time every day. Very few things can break that appointment with myself.

When the time to write arrives, I go to my place where I write and sit down, without other distraction, and open up my plan book. I personally use paper and pen for organization, but many people use applications of some sort. Either method works.

I will open my notes and jump right in. This is not time to check email once more, or anything else. I make sure this is true by having a dedicated computer just for writing. I do not have accounts on it, and every application not required for writing or producing books is removed, so I am not distracted.

With these tips, I keep motivated to pushing out books a few times a year. If they helped you, let me know.