Motivation to Write
Summary: This article looks at motivation and organization to get your writing done.

Today we will look at two tips I use for motivation to get books out faster.

Precision in Novels
Summary: When we write a novel, we need to make sure that we have the facts correct.

Have you ever read a novel that intersected with your knowledge, but got the facts totally wrong? Today we want to talk about avoiding that.

Fixing a Bad Start
Summary: This article gives you five tips to fix a bad start on your draft.

Sometimes we start writing and look up a while later to find that our scribbling seems to make no sense. I looked down at my latest essay to realize it started meandering into strange, confusing places, so I thought of the steps I would need to accomplish to fix it.

Preparing for Publication
Summary: This article looks at the various miscellaneous components needed before bringing a book to print.

Before bringing your book to print, be sure you have the little details taken care of. This article will give you a list of small things you will need to have before bringing your book to print.

Parts of a Novel
Summary: This article shows you the parts of a book and where they go in the formatted manuscript.

Today we will look at the parts of a novel and where they go in your finalized document.

Motivation in Crisis
Summary: If you find yourself out of work or on reduced hours, use the extra time productively by keeping busy.

While most of our county is under lockdown, I want to encourage you to use the free time to finish your writing project.

Heart or Sales?
Summary: This article, we will discuss the pros and cons of writing from the heart vs writing for the sales.

Some author education shows focus on finding the next best book to write based on sales while other authors want to write what's on their heart. Is there a right or wrong?

Finding Writing Topics
Summary: This article discusses where I find my ideas for fiction, non-fiction, and personal stories.

Today we will talk about where I find some ideas about what to write, and hopefully, you will find some ideas, too.

Editing Strategies
Summary: This article looks at the two primary types of edits and what I do to prepare my manuscript for editing.

This article will discuss basic types of editing and describe what I do to get my manuscript ready to be examined by my editors.

Writing Goals
Summary: This article gives you tips on how to finish the draft of your book.

It can be difficult to prioritize writing, particularly if you are working on your first manuscript. These steps will help you set your goals to complete your draft.