Fixing a Bad Start
Summary: This article gives you five tips to fix a bad start on your draft.

Sometimes we start writing and look up a while later to find that our scribbling seems to make no sense. I looked down at my latest essay to realize it started meandering into strange, confusing places, so I thought of the steps I would need to accomplish to fix it.

LibreOffice Labels
Summary: This tutorial will guide you through creating address labels on LibreOffice.

LibreOffice has a built-in label maker that you can use to create mailing labels without fighting with template files.

Online Store Solutions
Summary: This article looks at four solutions to sell your books from your website.

If you need to sell your books on your website, have a look at these four solutions with their pros and cons.

LibreOffice List Styles
Summary: How do you make your lists look good in your manuscript? Here we look into that!

Do you want to understand how to make attractive and stylized lists in your manuscript or other LibreOffice document? Here we walk through the list styles and how to use them.

KDP Select
Summary: KDP Select can be a good offer for authors, but it has some catches, too. Learn if KDP Select is for you.

KDP Select is a program through Amazon that offers a series of perks for authors. This article will look at the pros and cons to help you decide if KDP Select is a good program for you.

Plugins and Macros
Summary: This article shows you how to install and enable plugins and how to create macros on Audacity.

Creating and mastering audiobooks on Audacity is easy, but you will need a few plugins and macros. Here we walk you through the setup.

MS Office Compatibility
Summary: This article looks at the two primary steps that assure your LibreWriter documents will be compatible with Microsoft Office.

You can share your LibreOffice documents flawlessly with Microsoft Office users with the following steps.

phplist Installation
Summary: This article walks us through a basic phplist installation on Cpanel.

Today we will talk a little about installing phplist on a CPanel server. We will not cover all the steps here, but I will mention the parts that deviate from the installation guide.

Working with Direct Formatting
Summary: This article will show you how and when to override a LibreWriter style in your document.

While typesetting your document, it is possible that you will want to do a specific style only rarely in your document. This article will show you how to make a specific override, or Direct Formatting.

Book Copyright
Summary: Do you need to register a copyright? Find out here.

Many authors get the end of their manuscript and ask themselves if they have to copyright their work. This will help answer those questions.