I Overplanning My Draft!
Summary: This article talks about my experience in overplanning my latest draft!

I realized, after writing 60,000 words, that I have over planned my latest draft. Don't do what I did!

Types of Publishing Companies
Summary: This article defines the types of publishing companies and gives some pros and cons

If you have ever jumped on a search engine to see how to get your book published, you may have encountered a variety of different publishing companies. What do they all mean? This article will briefly define each type of publishing and give a brief list of pros and cons.

Motivation to Write
Summary: This article looks at motivation and organization to get your writing done.

Today we will look at two tips I use for motivation to get books out faster.

Footnotes and Endnotes in LibreOffice
Summary: LibreWriter can manage and style Footnotes and Endnotes. Here is how.

This article looks at adding Footnotes and Endnotes, how to add them, and how to style your references.

Intro to WordPress
Summary: WordPress can be a great tool to create your website. Here are some tips.

WordPress is the most popular website design software because it is easy to use and well documented. This article will teach you the basics that you need to get started with a WordPress website.

Precision in Novels
Summary: When we write a novel, we need to make sure that we have the facts correct.

Have you ever read a novel that intersected with your knowledge, but got the facts totally wrong? Today we want to talk about avoiding that.

Callout Sidebars on LibreOffice
Summary: This tutorial gives you some information for adding sidebar callouts to your book.

We all love the little callout sidebars that break up the page on a book. Today we will look at how you can add your own callout box in LibreOffice.

Five Book Cover Tips
Summary: This article looks at my tips for creating a book cover.

Whether your book is a printed edition or an eBook, you will need a good cover. This article gives you five tips to consider when creating your covers.

Fixing a Bad Start
Summary: This article gives you five tips to fix a bad start on your draft.

Sometimes we start writing and look up a while later to find that our scribbling seems to make no sense. I looked down at my latest essay to realize it started meandering into strange, confusing places, so I thought of the steps I would need to accomplish to fix it.

LibreOffice Labels
Summary: This tutorial will guide you through creating address labels on LibreOffice.

LibreOffice has a built-in label maker that you can use to create mailing labels without fighting with template files.