My Writing Process
Summary: This article discusses my personal flow and methodology in writing non-fiction.

Today I wanted to talk about my personal flow and methodology in writing non-fiction. As with any tips, these are my strategies and are neither right nor wrong for anyone else! I just wanted to present my ideas in an effort to help you in your writing process.

KDP Overview
Summary: There are advantages and disadvantages for using the KDP platform, but you can get around the downsides, making KDP a must for authors and publishers.

KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing, is an easy-to-use platform free to use for authors and publishers that will get your Print and eBooks onto Amazon.

Sigil Overview
Summary: Learn the basic development environment in the Sigil eBook creator tool.

Sigil is an open source application you can freely install to turn your manuscript into perfect eBooks.

Tips for Planning Non-fiction
Summary: Here are my five tips for finishing a non-fiction draft.

Writing non-fiction is different from writing fiction in that there is more planning involved. Here we present five tips I use when planning and writing my non-fiction drafts.

Pricing a Book
Summary: This presentation presents ideas to determine the pricing of your book.

Pricing your books does not need to be complicated. These tips will help you narrow in on the best price for your print book, eBook, or Audiobook.

Sketching an Image in GIMP
Summary: This GIMP tutorial will show you how to create a sketch of any image you have.

GIMP is a cross platform, free software package that can be used for simple or advanced image manipulation. This tutorial will show you how to create a sketch of any image you have.

5 Tips to Finish Your Draft
Summary: This article discusses the five tips I use to be sure to finish my first draft.

Once we sit down to start writing the draft of our book, we need the motivation to finish. In this article I list five tips to complete your first draft.

Distribution Strategy
Summary: These four companies can globally list your books nearly everywhere online.

This article explains how I use four companies to list Print, eBooks, and Audiobooks on retailers around the world with the highest royalties I have found.

Font Licensing
Summary: This video covers fonts and font licensing, where to buy fonts, and how to use them.

This article discusses the factors surrounding font licensing: What it is, why you need it, where to get it. We will cover a resource you can find a lot of fonts for free, and some excellent paid resources for even more options.

Drop Caps in LibreWriter
Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to create paragraph drop caps in LibreOffice.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Drop Caps in LibreWriter.