Finding Writing Topics
Summary: This article discusses where I find my ideas for fiction, non-fiction, and personal stories.

Today we will talk about where I find some ideas about what to write, and hopefully, you will find some ideas, too.

Layer Masks in GIMP
Summary: In this Article, we look at subtle and not-so-subtle effects, how to fade an image into another, and how to fade a title into the background.

Layer Masking is a method for fine-tuning transparency in an image layer. This article and video discusses how to use Layer Masking in GIMP.

Summary: Synaptergy is my new science fiction novel exploring Technology, Society, and Ethics

My new Science Fiction Novel, Synaptergy, is a novel exploring Technology, Society, and Ethics.

Editing Strategies
Summary: This article looks at the two primary types of edits and what I do to prepare my manuscript for editing.

This article will discuss basic types of editing and describe what I do to get my manuscript ready to be examined by my editors.

eBook CSS
Summary: CSS will help you take your eBooks to the next level with attractive custom styles.

CSS, or Cascaded Style Sheets, is the markup language used to style eBooks if you want custom fonts or other important styles.

Krita Overview
Summary: Krita is an alternative application for creating book covers for Print, eBook, or Audiobooks

Krita is a free and open source application that can be used to create book covers. It is not unlike GIMP, and it has a few advantages. First, it supports CMYK color profiles, which is preferred for printing book covers. It also supports drawing tablets for artistry and fine-tuning elements of a book cover which cannot be accomplished as easily in GIMP. The major disadvantage to Krita is the text editing is still very clunky and hard to use.

Taken together, Krita is a great application and should be used where needed for some stylistic book cover design work. It also supports the same non-destructive layer styles that Photoshop supports making it a great FOSS application for transitioning out of subscription software.

Writing Goals
Summary: This article gives you tips on how to finish the draft of your book.

It can be difficult to prioritize writing, particularly if you are working on your first manuscript. These steps will help you set your goals to complete your draft.

Getting Started with eBooks
Summary: This article will show you how to get started with eBooks from a LibreWriter document.

This article walks us through the steps to create and prepare an eBook from a LibreWriter document.

Summary: This article we will look at the reasons you will need or not need an ISBN

Today we will look at the various reasons you will or will not need an ISBN for your Print or eBook.

Book Cover Templates
Summary: This article shows you how to get started with cover templates from KDP and IngramSpark

Getting a book cover template is the best way to get started on your full cover. You can grab a template from KDP or Ingram.