Audiobook Studio
Summary: This article shows the simple studio setup I use to record and produce audiobooks.

When an author reads their own audiobook, the story comes off with more power. This article shows the low-cost studio I use for record audiobooks.

LibreWriter Page Numbers
Summary: This article shows you how to reset page numbers and how to number pages in your book.

This article will show you have to reset the page numbers in your book, how to use Roman numerals, at the front, and how to number the pages in your book.

Parts of a Novel
Summary: This article shows you the parts of a book and where they go in the formatted manuscript.

Today we will look at the parts of a novel and where they go in your finalized document.

Motivation in Crisis
Summary: If you find yourself out of work or on reduced hours, use the extra time productively by keeping busy.

While most of our county is under lockdown, I want to encourage you to use the free time to finish your writing project.

Page Headers
Summary: This article will show you all about page headers in LibreOffice

When typesetting you book, you will want to use Headers, but it is important to work with headers correctly. Here we will walk you through a few tips when working with Headers in LibreOffice.

Free Barcode
Summary: This article shows you how to get a free ISBN and Pricing barcode for your book cover

You need a barcode for your book cover; do not rely on the free one that will be affixed to your uploaded cover. This article will give you a few resources to get a free barcode.

Fonts and eBooks
Summary: This article will teach you to understand font licensing, where to get fonts, and how to add them to your eBook.

You can take your eBooks to the next level of professionalism by using custom fonts. This article will walk you through using Sigil to add custom fonts to your project.

Summary: Here we cover how to add endnotes, give it a section header, and style those sections of text.

Creating a bibliography and formatting it for your book is easy, but not intuitive. This article will teach you all about the aspects of Endnotes.

Heart or Sales?
Summary: This article, we will discuss the pros and cons of writing from the heart vs writing for the sales.

Some author education shows focus on finding the next best book to write based on sales while other authors want to write what's on their heart. Is there a right or wrong?

Author Website Platforms
Summary: This article will break down the types of platforms and author can use to create a website.

Every author needs a website, but the question is where do you run your website? This article will talk about some options and the pros and cons.